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Spectrum Noir Metallic - Precious Metals

Spectrum Noir Metallic - Precious Metals

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This set includes one each of Antique Bronze, Burnished Copper, Gold Nugget, Gold Plate, Pewter, and Silver Ingot. These versatile dual-tipped markers lay down a perfectly smooth, high reflective metallic finish on dark and light paper, vellum, acetate, craft metal, ceramics, and more. Spectrum Noir Metallic Twin-tip Markers contain premium waterbased ink that has been blended with metallic pigments, for a flawless, opaque laydown of metallic color. The two tips include a brush for smooth fills and a fine point for detailed work. Acid-free and archival, these markers make fadeless marks on a variety of materials, but are especially stunning on black or dark surfaces. Use Spectrum Noir Metallic Markers on creative projects such as coloring, embellishing, and hand lettering. Craft enthusiasts will love the ability to color directly onto their favorite stamps. Because the ink is watersoluble, it also can be used to create watercolor techniques — it blends when wet but won't move when it dries.

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